Hello, I’m doing this campaign with my team called Perham, as part of NCS The Challenge. My teams campaign is called Smile4Free and it’s about making London a friendlier place by encouraging people to smile more, as sadly it is an issue. So if you could support us by liking our page and using our hashtag, #Smile4Free , that would be awesome! Thanks (:


(PS: Try smiling at random people, I’m sure they’ll smile back. And if not, try other people)

Admins Needed For ‘A Page’

Hello there, I’ve made this Facebook page called (You’ve guessed it) ‘A Page,’ however I need more admins because the page isn’t as active as it was before. So if you’re interested, just message our page, and we’ll give you the details. Or you can just ask me (: 

Here’s the link ———-> https://www.facebook.com/ap12027?fref=ts

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a sudden urge to touch cats? Probably just me…

Even though I’m super late from watching Super 8, I thought it was super great!

Anonymous asked:
Hey there! Just popping up to say your tumblr is great :) have a lovely day

Hey, thank you so much (:

I hope you have a LOVELY-ER day


i hope this summer is gay as fuck. gonna get so fucking gay. 

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